We put PEOPLE first!TM

Ultimately, everything we do at People Signs is about people. The customers we serve and the clients they serve.
And, in turn, the customers, patients, students, shoppers, and more - that those clients impact.

Our very name recognizes that the need for signs begins with people. Primarily, signs identify and direct – getting seekers or travelers from one place to the next. They pinpoint locations, designate departments and name names. They lead people. Redirect them. Stop them. Announce them. Caution them. Welcome them. Entice them. And sometimes, they frustrate them.

That's where we come in. With decades of experience in interior and exterior architectural signage and wayfinding, the community of sign professionals at People Signs provides the knowledge and know-how to produce impactful signage from a simple nameplate to campus wide, full-scale programs. All aimed at communicating clearly
with people.

WHO we are

People Signs is a privately owned, national company, located in southeastern Pennsylvania with convenient access to major east coast markets and international transportation hubs.

Owner-President Charles J. Kelly Jr.
is a third generation sign professional with family roots in the U.S. sign industry, which extend back to the 1930s. His own nearly 30 years in the business and his working knowledge of the industry provide access to resources and professional talent that contribute to the success of People Signs

Several of our employees have been with the company
for over 25 years, some of whom have been joined in the
business by their own family members. They are all part of a
dedicated staff that is knowledgeable, courteous and efficient.
And, when you call during business hours, almost without
exception, you will be greeted by a live voice, not an
electronic message – another way in which
"We put people first!TM"

WHAT we are

We are a full service sign company that sells our products, services and experience through a network of sales professionals. Working in tandem with these sales reps, we collaborate with architects, designers, specifiers, contractors, clients, facilities managers, and other end-users or stakeholders who require signage for their properties and for the successful performance of their business.

Depending upon the nature of the project and the needs of the custom- er, our service may include all or some of the following: bid review and pric- ing, site review and recommendations, sign schedule, project plan and man- agement, manufacture and installation of standard or custom signage, and final project report and standards manual.

WHERE we are

You'll find People Signs interior and exterior architectural signage in government office buildings in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States, as well as on military bases and in military hospitals around the nation and across the world. We educate visitors on university campuses; soothe the concerns of people looking for
ill relatives or emergency services in
healthcare complexes; and negotiate
wayfinding in corporate facilities.

Our ADA signs facilitate movement
and access for people with disabilities;
identify family restrooms for parents
traveling with children; and guide people
to safety in emergencies.

In each case, we anticipate need,
avoid complications and provide
clarity ... for people!

Our clients. (Click here.)

WHEN to select your signs

Begin at the beginning with each destination ... and people ... in mind.

Planning signs early in a project, whether for a new facility or a retrofit, leads the way to a cohesive, effective building plan -- not only for the signs but for a clearer understanding of interior and/or exterior traffic flow. Once you anticipate movement through a building or site, you recognize potential bottle necks, clear traffic hurdles and open a path to efficiency and productivity.

Leaving signage decisions to the last minute risks: not getting an occu- pancy permit on time; money wasted on temporary signs and/or rush fees; additional maintenance costs for potential wall damage due to changes; and, worse yet, the cost of undoing unanticipated problems. Save money, time and aggravation by planning ahead.

Consider an interior sign program as the ribbon that completes the office furnishings package. Signs selected during the decision-making about furni- ture and décor better complement the design elements and reflect the atmosphere of the site. They give a voice to the environment, welcoming clients, identifying locations, directing movement and controlling foot traffic throughout a building. And, importantly, they support the brand identity.

WHY choose People Signs?

We believe you’ll like the experience:

  • Our decades of professional experience in producing attractive, quality signage on budget and on time.
  • Your experience working with our client-focused sales representatives, project managers and customer service staff.
  • The positive experience your employees, clients and visitors will have navigating the facility and/or property.