Solution 1 - Brand & Identity

Exterior signage works day and night to designate location, identify brands, properties and tenants, and attract customers. The right sign in the right location eases the visitor’s approach, creates the first point of contact and establishes the occupant’s brand.

property entry

foam monument signs

  • Lightweight, durable foam core with tested, protective hard coat
  • Impervious to rot, termites and moisture
  • Wind resistant
  • Standard models, custom options
  • Limitless sizes, colors & shapes
  • High quality craftsmanship & tested durability
  • Stucco finish &/or hand-sculpted stone & brick design
  • Your unique ideas translated into "stone"
  • Integrated LED message centers
  • Changeable copy boards
  • Illuminated cabinets
  • Precision-cut, 3-D props
  • Architectural accents available

standard monument & pylon signs

  • Internally illuminated or Illuminated by ground or landscape lighting
  • Designed to client specifications
  • Custom color, shape & copy options
  • Monolithic, square or triangular shape
  • Monument styling for primary site identification, direction and/or information
  • Clean-edge treatment, countersunk fasteners
  • Internal supports and mounting posts directly embedded in ground
  • Base plates available for surface or foundation mounting
  • Removable access panels to accommodate maintenance
  • Feature brand identity &/or tenants
  • Reflect architecture and environment of facility and property
property entry

channel letters

  • All aluminum channel letters
  • Manufactured to buyer’s specification
  • Match font and/or brand design
  • LED illumination ensures efficient, reliable operation
  • Customized illumination, internally or backlit

framed wall signs

  • Frames a single faced sign up to 36" x 48"
  • Custom sizes available
  • Accommodates single or multi-column directories
  • Satin anodized or industry standard colors
  • Custom colors available
  • Holds a variety of materials
  • Range of thickness: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4"
  • Rounded edge or square edge frame
  • Low profile, 1.5" deep
  • Supported by hidden fasteners
  • Removable side access retainer along one side
  • Slide-in, slide-out for easy insert changes
  • Specify removable side for practical placement
  • No need to remove frame from wall
  • Suitable for interior or exterior
post & panel

post & panel signs

  • Standard modular components
  • Custom shaped toppers & panels
  • Single & multi-panel signs
  • Single or double-sided communication
  • Changeable word bars
  • Assorted standard panel heights
  • Custom-size aluminum panels available
  • Variable panel spacing
  • D-shaped, square or round posts
  • Decorative posts & caps
  • Aluminum & injection molded parts
  • Right-angle or side-by-side configurations
  • Direct embedment or surface mounting
  • Standard and custom colors

Solution - Campus Navigation

The design of the signs, the flexibility of the system selected, and the clarity of direction provided, go a long way in creating a positive experience for visitors, vendors and employees alike. The systems described above fulfill the primary, secondary and/or tertiary role in exterior wayfinding and can be combined to maximize the effectiveness of the program.

property entry


  • Select Pylon, Post & Panel or Monument as above
  • Changeable aluminum components in most selections
  • Standard or custom paint colors
  • Exterior-quality vinyl lettering and graphics
  • Illuminated or reflective lettering


  • Anodized-aluminum, modular system
  • Flag, center pole, or double pole-mounted
  • In-ground, direct embedment or base plate surface mounted
  • Standard or custom color painted surfaces
  • Exterior-quality vinyl lettering
tenant listing


  • Ground or wall-mounted signage
  • Anodized aluminum components
  • Standard or custom paint colors
  • Applied vinyl lettering and graphics
  • Accessibility/ADA compatible