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Wade Clark Mulcahy

wade clark mulcahy

Collaborations: Wade Clark Mulcahy


Wade Clark Mulcahy – Attorneys
Philadelphia, PA


Washington Workplace
Arlington, VA


Produce interior accents: Impact wall, reception area plaque, entry doors, barrier markings on glass doors and panels of three conference rooms.


People Signs was asked by the designer to collaborate with the clients to carry out a local theme they had collectively agreed upon. True to their commitment to ” … bring closure to complex matters … and … stand ready to fight the end game,” they chose the champion competitors in the iconic Philadelphia movie “Rocky” to identify their conference rooms: Apollo Creed, James “Clubber” Lang, and Ivan Drago. Thus: The Creed Room, The Lang Room and The Drago Room were “applied” on the outer conference room walls. Only a true “Rocky” fan might guess the creative source of the names!


Avery 9 “etched” vinyl created a classic surround and visual “barrier” for the conference rooms’ glass walls. The handsome metallic crest on the front panel of the reception desk was produced in etched aluminum and the impact wall featured dimensional aluminum letters.