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Wayfinding & Interior Signage

Wayfinding systems are an often-overlooked part of the branding process, but the truth is, you’d be lost without them.

Wayfinding, as the name suggests, is the strategy that people use to navigate a space or orient themselves within a physical environment. It is a series of information systems that guide people and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. Wayfinding is critical in creating an effortless and stress-free path for pedestrians in the built environment such as healthcare and educational campuses, transportation facilities, and corporations.


In each project, there are unique elements to the design plan that require a custom approach. However, while each sign project has specific requirements, the typical People Signs approach to a facility-wide project includes the following:

  1. Assign a project coordinator
  2. Hold “Sign Task Force” meeting with all stakeholders
  3. Conduct site review based on architect’s/ designer’s/owner’s plans
  4. Determine or validate design solutions and sign locations
  5. Capture relevant data in prepared report and sign map
  6. Develop budget and timeline
  7. Present samples
  8. Manufacture upon receipt of approvals
  9. Install signs on predetermined schedule
  10. Train client’s internal staff on sign management, if necessary
  11. Bring project to a close with complete reporting

4 Types of Wayfinding Signs