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What is wayfinding signage?

Effective wayfinding signage is a program of signs that equips people with the information they need to orient themselves and navigate from place to place within an interior physical space or outside environment.

How do I get started with planning the signage needs of my project?

Whether a large or small project, there are some basic steps you should follow:

  • Meet with the stakeholders: architect, designer, or builder, if they are involved, and with key employees. If you regularly interact with customers and suppliers on site, ask for their input too.
  • Review how you plan to use the building or space and what changes you foresee in the future. Determine what you need your signs to do: direct, identify, announce, warn, restrict and/or schedule.
  • Engage your People Signs representative and start developing your project plan today.

What are the benefits of planning a signage program in the early stages of my project?

Planning signs early allows you to integrate their look and placement into your overall design, outside and in. Advance review helps you identify how the space will be used by employees and visitors and provides a better understanding of how sign codes will affect your choices. As a result, you will be better equipped to troubleshoot wayfinding issues while still in the design phase. Ultimately, you can avoid costly changes that might occur after installation, and ensure that your occupancy permit will not be delayed for lack of proper signage.

How does the ADA law affect my sign choices?

The Americans with Disabilities Act specifies the use of Grade 2 Braille and raised lettering, the fonts and colors used, and the installation guidelines for signage identifying permanent rooms and spaces. Your People Signs representative can help you with the rules that apply to your project.

Can my company’s brand guidelines be incorporated into the custom signage program?

Brand identity is often the focal point of a signage program and can be carried out across all signs from entry to exit. People Signs will work with you to make sure your signage is both brand authentic and blends effectively with your building’s décor.

Can I coordinate signage programs for several independent company locations through one source?

With People Signs, you can coordinate all your signage needs for multiple locations through one source.