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Collaborate With People Signs

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Collaborations February 22, 2017

Collaborate With People Signs

Partnering with our team of professionals

What do you do when the customer requires strict high-level security, uniquely embedded graphics, and 1,000 signs delivered on time and on budget for their wayfinding program? Plan meticulously, communicate clearly and deliver optimally.  People Signs can do all or part of this as the RFP requires.

Our team of sign professionals will work with you behind the scenes, side-by-side, or out in front, from bid review to final report, to help you land a wayfinding, ADA or custom sign project.  Whether for a small clinic or large hospital, an office outpost or corporate campus, we are equipped to help you provide the sign solutions.

As a GSA contract holder, we’ve completed numerous sign programs for government buildings and offices as well as military bases and hospitals, working in the USA and overseas.  Our public sector projects include corporate spaces, universities, healthcare facilities and more. No project is too small, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and your client.

If you’re not offering signs in your office furnishings proposal, you could be leaving money on the table.  A new facility or retrofit can’t get a Certificate of Occupancy without the required signage.  Some buyers don’t understand that and panic when they can’t open.  You can save them excessive rush costs by getting them to plan signs up front. You’ll be doing your client more than one favor  because planning signs ahead helps them anticipate how people will navigate the space, find unforeseen roadblocks in the floorplan and learn how signs will incorporate with design and branding to direct in-house traffic.

There’s opportunity for growing your sales by adding signs to the mix.  We can prove it.  Give us a call today.

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