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Standard Sign Series

Take the guesswork out by choosing a sign series that provides a simple combination of shapes, colors, and architectural styles.

The following sections present an ever-changing selection of ADA compliant signs offering options that meet your needs using industry standard materials and feature changeable inserts.

People Signs - 1100 Design Series

1100 Design Series

  • Our most economical option
  • ADA compliant
  • Clean and simple in its composition
  • Suitable for almost any type of facility or environment
  • Lightweight
  • Feature a full pass-through insert holder allowing for removal from both the right and the left sides
  • The sign depth is slim, yet attractively layered
  • Fully customizable paper insert can vary from a very simple black and white option to a stunning full-color design that coordinates the sign colors and overall surroundings
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People Signs - 1200 Design Series

1200 Design Series

  • A contemporary, arced aluminum, and modular concept
  • This trending style complements environments with columns or curved architectural features
  • Removable lens allows for customizable and changeable paper inserts
  • Aluminum satin finish design series is an eye-catching and modern approach
  • ADA compliant
  • May be designed and hung with the arc from left to right or top to bottom
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People Signs - 1300 Design Series

1300 Design Series

  • A whimsical twist on the typical square sign series
  • The curved header is available in rich wood laminates or in any ADA compliant non-glare acrylic
  • Another attractive feature is the dimensional aluminum accent bar that gives the sign a modern, sophisticated edge
  • The full pass-through from either the right or left sides allows for a customizable paper insert
  • This is a beautifully layered sign with varying elevations
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People Signs - 1400 Design Series

1400 Design Series

  • A modular, ADA compliant concept
  • Constructed around satin aluminum extrusions
  • Industrial style extrusions snap into place allowing for the ultimate in versatility
  • The clear lens protects alterable paper inserts
  • The side elevation of this sign series is slim and does not reveal a layered construction as everything is hidden behind the injection molded end caps
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People Signs - 1500 Design Series

1500 Design Series

  • Features a unique combination of 3D acrylic
  • ADA compliant sign series
  • Ultimate display of depth and dimensionality using layered plastic and acrylic materials
  • Endless color combinations
  • The top and bottom acrylic colors can be the same or different — the choice is yours
  • Select this series for environments that are modern and may feature glass walls or windows
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People Signs - 1600 Design Series

1600 Design Series

  • An oversized sign series with multiple layers
  • Ultimate, high-end design
  • ADA compliant
  • The front panel has a curved header and an area for a dimensional accent stripe or aluminum accent bar
  • The clear lens allows for a full pass-through from either the right or left
  • The decorative backer adds an additional layer and depth to the sign
  • Ideal in a luxurious environment or one known for being top-of-the-line
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People Signs - 1700 Design Series

1700 Design Series

  • Ultimate in simple sophistication
  • Essentially a combination of a few other sign styles
  • This ADA compliant design features a curved header and added dimensionality from the aluminum accent bar
  • An open pass-through lens from the right or left protects the customizable paper insert
  • Choose this sign series for almost any environment as the design options are infinite using various laminates and acrylic colors
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People Signs - 1800 Design Series

1800 Design Series

  • An original style in a framed design
  • One of our most popular sign choices because of its very versatile appearance and ADA compliance
  • The changeable paper insert is surrounded by a framed lens window creating a vandal resistant option
  • There is ample space on the sign header to add a logo or other branding element
  • The side profile of this design series is slim, yet layered
  • The selection of this sign is appropriate for any environment and coordination is just a matter of color
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People Signs - 1900 Design Series

1900 Design Series

  • An attention-grabbing system that has a strong visual appeal — which is important when you want to draw attention
  • It appears that the sign is constructed of glass versus acrylic
  • Unlike traditional signage, standoff signs are designed to be mounted with specialized hardware, which consists of a barrel, cap, and wall screw. With this hardware, signs are able to project from the wall on which they’re mounted. As a result, standoff signs have an eye-catching, 3D effect
  • Due to the construction of standoffs and their locking mechanism, it’s often sturdier than traditional signs mounted with tape or adhesive. There’s much less risk of your signage suffering vandalism or damage when you select this style
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People Signs - 2000 Design Series

2000 Design Series

  • An elegant, streamlined solution for multiple wayfinding needs
  • This flat, modular signage system is environmentally friendly, and comes in multiple designs, sizes, and shapes, with special profiles available for both flexible and non-flexible inserts
  • The series accepts inserts of various thicknesses, up to .3mm or 0.12 inches
  • An extremely diverse range of graphic materials may be used, including paper or vinyl graphics on a polycarbonate cover, vinyl on Xbond or aluminum board, and more
  • Ideal for wall signs, table signs, suspended signs and flag signs, creating a stunning and uniform look throughout every aspect of the project
  • This style tells visitors from the very first moment that they are entering a place of quality
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How to Make a Sign Selection

  1. CHOOSE SIGN STYLE: People Signs offers a series of ten standard sign families suited to interior wayfinding and office identification. Our interior design series features on-site changeability, is ADA compatible, and supports requirements for certificates of occupancy. The sign systems are low maintenance, fully recyclable and offer options for custom configuration. The signs may be wall-mounted or, where visibility is limited, ceiling-hung or projected overhead for easy viewing. Selection of the sign style should be based on the aesthetic of the office and brand’s overall look and feel.
  2. CHOOSE THE COLOR COMBINATION: With 50 modified acrylic colors to choose from and three wood laminates, the ability to coordinate with office decor or a brand’s design is simple. It is important to remember that color contrast of text against a sign’s background is imperative in order to meet ADA requirements.
  3. CHOOSE AN ADA APPROVED FONT: The ADA requires all signage fonts be sans serifs and that all text is uppercase on a tactile sign. While these fonts may not be the font used in a company’s branding guide, there is likely a font that will work in conjunction with the brand’s chosen font. Once a sans serif font is chosen it should be consistently used throughout a signage program.
  4. KNOW YOUR NEEDS: Wayfinding signage is intended to create a safe, customer-friendly space in and around a building. It is extremely important to keep signage as visual as possible, minimal, and easy to understand. This ensures that everyone is able to understand it with little confusion, regardless of age or ability. When creating a signage system for an area, building or architectural structure it is essential to develop a strategic wayfinding scheme. With this step you are able to build up a modular wayfinding system that will adapt to the environment and the human expectations for orientation and navigation purposes. Research is an important step to understand the environment and where information is needed to maximize legibility of the wayfinding system.