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Experiential Design

Experiential Design

Shape experiences that orient, inform, educate and delight users and visitors.

Experience Matters.

Experiential design involves the synergy and orchestration of typography, color, form, imagery, and technology while focusing on content to create environments that communicate. Generating a total experience within your space can include branding, wayfinding, recognition, and corporate communications.

People Signs’ talented team is ready to assist you in the development of a well-rounded experience within your facility’s interior. Experiential design is changing the way we experience places and environments – and it’s driving competition among companies in ways never seen before.

While experiential design at its core does require a deep look at how people will interact with a space, it goes above and beyond to emotionally connect people with the space. Signage, decor, and messaging that strongly align with the brand message are a few of the ways experiential design accomplishes this connection. In short, the branded content works hand in hand with the design to reflect the purpose of the space.