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MEPS Omaha


Collaborations: MEPS Omaha


MEPS – Military Entrance Processing Station
Omaha, NE


People Signs participated in bid process with regional dealer. Once selected, collaborated with dealer and MEPS admin at site to review facility, finalize design intent, lock in details for production and installation, and complete the job.


Entrants into the military go through their evaluations and paper work at MEPS centers and once completed, take their oath of loyalty and service to their country at that center. Each division of the military is represented at the location. The project entailed a branding component for each Armed Forces division and pictorial displays illustrating the life and responsibilities of members of the military.


Three dimensional official seals and puck-mounted acrylic panels identify each branch of service. Surface-mounted, 4-color photographs depict life and action in the military. A larger-than-life collage of photos illustrates that the Armed Forces are more than guns and ammunition and highlights the humanitarian side of service carried out by soldiers: food and medical aid to stricken countries, disaster relief, and rescue missions. Additional components reflect the spirit of the hometown and recognize the people of the region.